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The way to get to you

Find out everything that happens until we get to your profile and the path that you go through in our processes.

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Companies with Recruitment Challenges Contact 99Hunters

Companies hire 99Hunters to connect with experienced headhunters with specific characteristics for their vacancies.

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After understanding the company's challenges, we target the best headhunters for the search.

We map the challenges and characteristics of the vacancy we built together a search material and we activated the best headhunters to find professionals adhering to the process.

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Headhunters find and recommend professionals like you

99Hunters hunters receive rich material with the details and characteristics of the vacancy and ideal profile. Through hunting actions, they get in touch, interview and recommend professionals who judge adherents to the 99 specialist team.

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We connect companies and professionals with great matches to get to know each other

To ensure a positive experience for the professional that is recommended, our team of consultants interview and direct the professional after the headhunter is appointed.

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100% digital, practical and organised

After all these steps and only with the candidate's authorisation, we digitally organize all the information so that companies, headhunters and candidates have a digital, humanised selection process.

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